PLANTI CENTER is a brazilian manufacturer of agricultural machinery, situated in Marialva City, State of Paraná. It acts in the agricultural machinery market since 1988 and is specialized in grain planters, seed drill and cassava machinery. Our origin came from the difficulty suffered from the 1980`s planters in realising the No-till in loamy soils, mainly those located in the North of Paraná whose current planters of that time were not able to penetrate firmly inside the soil.

The PLANTI CENTER® brand, since 1988, grew up through its founder, Eng. Benjamin Dalla Rosa, with an outstanding know-how in the field of agricultural machinery, always challenging the planting limits all over the World. Initially, PLANTI CENTER was well known by means of its adaptations for no-till system realised in the all brand planters through the "KIT FOR NO-TILL", supplying parts and sets for all regions in Brazil. On this way, PLANTI CENTER grew up step by step, attending to the familiar farmers and helping them to solve the problems with their planters. With this dissemination of technology and a tireless work together the farmers, the quality of service was getting reputation and, in 1998,  due to the success achieved with the KIT FOR NO-TILL, PLANTI CENTER launched its own grain planter: the model PC-7/4, with 7 rows spaced at 45cm for cultures of soybeans and 4 rows spaced at 90cm mainly for planting corn, trailed by a 75 HP tractor and achieving most of the small farmers in Brazil. 

Thus, PLANTI CENTER is always innovating in technology for your planters and in constant evolution in order to improve more and more the farmers life. An example of it, it´s the exclusive articulated frame developed for grain planters, where you can plant at any sort of terrains, copying the field contours and optimizing the planting, saving time, fuel and increasing your yields. Nevertheless, PLANTI CENTER is well known in the international market mainly by its fantastical CASSAVA PLANTER model BAZUCA, manufactured since 1994 and exported to many countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. PLANTI CENTER is the Pioneer in World Cassava Mechanization.

Therefore, PLANTI CENTER is expanding due to the quality and great acceptance of their products in all markets,  by investing heavily in research, development and professionalism of its employees. In addition, the efforts are converging towards the full satisfaction of customers, to listen to them and ready to face the challenges, seeking to improve the techniques of planting, by combining transparency, simplicity and technology.

PLANTI CENTER - Challenging the planting limits


“To consolidate our company on national and international market, being reference in agricultural implements by the quality of our prodcuts and professionalism of our employees.” 


“To develop and innovate constantly our products with quality and technology, making the farmer´s life easier.” 

Core Values

Respect to the customer

Quality Policy

“Planti Center offers to the farmers solutions in agricultural machinery and implements with safety, quality and profitability, through the training of our Work Team and improvements in our Quality Managament System.